Eat what you grow. Grow where you live. Create a life filled with good taste. These are principals that aren’t always easy to find, but we’re fortunate to be in one of the most sustainable and livable cities on the planet. Toronto is home to an expansive community of urban gardeners, foragers, farm-to-table chefs, and outdoor adventurers.

Interested in tapping into these communities? We’ve compiled a list of 10 of our favourite Toronto-based Instagram accounts that represent what we are about.

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Fresh City Farms

Fresh City is a local Toronto farm that works to bring food makers to food eaters together. Their Instagram is a wonderful display of fresh ingredients that you can order directly to your house as recipe kits, salad jars, and even fresh meals.

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Chef Rouge

Dave Motterhall is the chef and co-owner of the Queen West restaurant Loka, and his feed is a daily account of his culinary work there. Dave’s Instagram is an excellent follow as Loka’s work with small local producers means they serve a new menu daily. It is an excellent peak into what Loka will be serving on a given day. He also cures his own meat and documents it on Instagram.

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Scott Vivian

Scoff Vivian is the chef and co-owner of restaurant Beast, which was founded with the desire to form strong relationships with farmers and community organizations. Scott has become well known for showing off his culinary creations and menu items, and is the founding member of the Group of Seven Chefs.

My Luscious Backyard

For the past 15 years Sarah Nixon has been using over 100 residential micro farm plots to sustainably grow flowers for weddings, offices, and celebrations across the city. Her Instagram is masterfully curated with delicately plotted flowers, their arrangements, and the urban gardens in which they grow. Her Instagram is an excellent reminder of all the colour and life you can add in small spaces.

Houseplant Journal

Focusing primarily on plant care, Darryl Cheng has poured his love of all things green and indoors into his blog Houseplant Journal. Darryl created a one-stop site to learn about responsible plant parenthood, offering tips and tricks on how to grow stunning plants at home with a community over 100 thousand.

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The Stop Community Food Center

For over 30 years, the Stop has been providing Torontonians access to healthy foods, and build their ‘skills, health, hope, and community.’ The Stop’s Instagram is full of beautiful photographs of their produce and programs. It is their mission to “increase access to healthy food in a manner that maintains dignity, builds health and community, and challenges inequality.”

West End Food Coop

West End Food Coop is Toronto’s only multi-stakeholder food co-op, located down the street from The Plant. Their Instagram highlights the amazing programs and workshops they hold, from their popular canning and preserving workshop to their Community-supported orchard program. West End Food Coop is built on a shared responsibility for a sustainable and inclusive food system.

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You Grow Girl

Gayla Trail is a Toronto-based organic urban gardener and published author. Her blog, launched in 2000, aims to speak to the new generation of gardener, those “seeking to redefine the modern world relationship to plants.” Her Instagram, much like her gardening, is very laid back and informative. It is an excellent resource for budding urban gardeners.

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Taku Kumabe is a Toronto-based outdoor adventurer and photographer, with additional passions in technology, design, and blogging. Taku earns his living as a freelance festival photographer and graphic designer, but his Instagram account is dedicated to the beauty found in the nature around Toronto.


Julia Konovalova is a local blogger with an excellent eye for food photography. Her Instagram is full of beautiful images of the fresh food she makes, and her imagelicious blog is an excellent companion piece full of recipes. Her recipes are simple, quick, and healthy and focus on the natural taste of the ingredients.