It’s time to look at urban living differently.

Welcome to The Plant.

An ambitious attempt at Vertical Living. The theory is creating a self-sustaining, self-reliant residence. Can we create an urban lifestyle, where we live, and grow things, and have office space and retail space and, of course, well thought out beautiful homes? A homegrown ecosystem, of sorts, if you will.

This is a structure where plants and people can live in harmony. How? Well, we both benefit from a healthy structure that promotes natural daylight and angled balconies that are spacious outdoor rooms and a green roof that encourages birds, insects and butterflies.

This is where a healthy ecosystem and funky urbanism can co-exist. How? Well, why not collect storm water in an on-site cistern for irrigation rather than letting it run off into the sewer system and use windows that more efficient with a bird-friendly glazing?

All this, along with encouragement to balcony garden, enabling community urban agriculture, practising sustainable and low-impact transportation, and having a low-carbon footprint and minimal waste practices. The Plant is built to be a home you can be proud of, located in heart of the Queen Street West neighbourhood, one of the most sought-after spots in the world.

Eat what you grow. Grow where you live. Create a life filled with good taste.

That’s the goal. Now, it’s time to get our hands dirty.