It’s no secret that plants are important. They convert our exhaled carbon dioxide to breathable oxygen. We need them to survive; yet we still see very few plants living and working in urban centers like Toronto. With more and more research showing those who spend significant amounts of time in spaces with plants reap many benefits, we want you to ‘plantify’ your life. Plants not only add more pleasant and tranquil spaces into your life, but also benefit you mentally, emotionally, and can be added easily into your home.  

They purify the air.

Elementary school science taught us of plants air-purifying power early in life, but why is this important? To the surprise of many, air pollution is generally higher indoors than outdoors. Add that 80% of all cancers are attributed to environmental causes like poor air quality, the importance of clean indoor air is clear – it’s time to plantify your life. Studies have shown that many common houseplants have the ability remove air pollutants by upwards of 75%, doing so within 24 hours.

In addition to removing pollutants, plants remove 15-20% of carbon dioxide levels, reduce dust and dander, reduce outside sounds, and control air temperature and humidity levels.

Don’t know where to start? Visit one of the many indoor plant stores in Toronto and breathe new life into your stale interior with air purifying plants like ferns, fiddle-leaf figs, snake plants, and peace lilies. Feeling ambitious? Work on building a plant wall – it’s a great design element that checks off all the benefits we listed above. 

They improve your health and happiness.

Along with cleaning the air, plants have been shown to significantly lower anxiety, stress and increase productivity. It was hypothesized that the act of caring and tending to plants correlated with your likelihood of caring and tending to others. Who would have thought that adding plants into your life could improve your relationships and overall mental health? 

They inspire.

Additional research has shown that people have an increase in creativity, innovative thinking, and experience higher idea generation when their environment includes flowers and plants. In these surroundings, men who participated generated 15% more ideas, with their female counterparts generating more creative solutions to problems with flowers and plants present.

 They are delicious.

With all the talk of plants abilities to improve your quality of life, certain plants are also delicious and healthy to eat. Even as urban centers become more and more ‘vertical,’ it’s possible to grow plants to enjoy and even eat, with various organizations, companies, and resources working to make urban gardening a viable option in city living. Toronto has great organizations like the Bowery Project and West End Food Co-op to get you started in urban gardening.