The Plant, isn’t just about growing plants. It’s about growing people and businesses too.

Independent boutiques, creative businesses and homegrown endeavors are now a reality of sustainability.  Centered on Vertical Living, The Plant is an urban lifestyle, where we live, grow things, have office space and retail space. A homegrown ecosystem of sorts.  We’re taking best practices from around the world and working locally to plant the seed of vertical living and working here in Queen West.

The Plant will also embrace a vibrant street level. Maybe a café or a florist. Perhaps a spin studio or boutique retailer. Retail spaces offers dramatic “lift & slide” glass doors. Office space includes airy terrace space. Leasing options range from 2000 to 3500 sq. ft.

The guiding principles of The Plant resulted in a building that lives and breathes. andIt offers a better quality of life to the people who will live and work here.

Plantify your business today! Afterall, Vogue Magazine didn’t call Queen West one of the coolest streets in the world for nothin’.

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